Pistol (TV mini series)

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Steve Jones convinces Malcolm McLaren to manage The Swankers, but he discovers that his “Cloak of Invisibility” can’t protect him from the gaze of the audience.

Description via IMDb

Director: Danny Boyle
Production Design: Kave Quinn
Set Decoration: Stella Fox & Elizabeth Beck

The camera movements are volatile, the music raw and chaotic. Boyle is exactly where he wants to be, colouring enthusiastically outside the lines as he crashes together archive footage of men in overalls, public appearances from the Queen and policemen in hard hats, all captured in a boxy aspect ratio, the editing creating a disruptive rhythm, the frame seemingly never staying still. Baz Luhrmann’s go-to screenwriter, Craig Pearce, serves as showrunner on Pistol, but Boyle, who directed all six episodes, feels like the series’ creative frontman.

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